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Our Story

Teresa Santarsia
Owner & Founder, Modern Mary

What we do:

Modern Mary produces a line of gender neutral luxury lunch bags. Offering the only stylish food clutch of its kind. Our collections are timeless and offer on-the-go adults a trendy resource for transporting precious cargo – food! Our unique design is on trend, genuine leather, insulated, compact, durable and most importantly easy to clean.

“Modern Mary products are well-made classic pieces with modern designs” says owner and founder of Modern Mary, Teresa Santarsia. “I wanted a lunch bag that was stylish and gender neutral – a piece that helped to express my personal style and stand up to my must-have list.” says Santarsia.

How it started:

Modern Mary launched in early 2015, founded by Teresa Santarsia a Canadian fashionista.

“In 2013, I used a lululemon bag as my lunch bag (don’t act like you haven’t before). Working at a trendy downtown office, I knew I needed to step up my lunch bag faux pas. However – there were bigger plans for me. I found out my husband and I were expecting, soon I would be home with my gorgeous daughter full-time. Fast forward a few years–and I’m out and about with a daughter who loves to EAT. I needed a stylish lunch bag that we could bring along with us, wherever the destination. On-the-go meal time with a child is NOT an easy task, you need to be organized and ready for anything. I was on the prowl for an adult luxury lunch bag (as my husband and I each wanted to use this bag for trips into the office, sans toddler), this piece needed to have a designer look and feel. For months I couldn’t settle on “THE” one, there were countless options but nothing fit my personal style. It needed to be chic, insulated and durable. That’s when “the solution” was born. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I had one made. I took a leap of faith on an idea and haven’t looked back.

The Modern Mary line was born to offer a solution for many of adults, like Teresa, looking for “THE” one.